Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week 2015

November 30 – December 5: Regional Evens


Mon, November 30, 2015        
Regina, SK

Leadership Forum Think Globally – Act Locally: What is Your Role? Coordinating a Response to HIV in Saskatchewan’s Indigenous Communities

Calling all leaders – formal and informal – to join us and be part of the solution. Leadership is key to a coordinated response to HIV in Saskatchewan’s Indigenous Communities. This is a forum where tools and mechanisms of a coordinated response will be shared. Policy makers, decision-makers, MPs, corporate CEOs, MLAs, doctors and nurses, community leaders, Chiefs and Councils, community, provincial, and federal health directors, youth leaders, organizational leaders, and others working in human rights, HIV and social determinants of health, and Indigenous issues. Please join us in building our community response to HIV.

5pm Reception hors d’oeuvres & refreshments; 5:30pm Formal Program All Nations Hope Network and SICHA, dignitaries and special guests, Keynote ~ Trevor Stratton, North American Delegate, UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board Coordinator; International Indigenous Working Group on HIV and AIDS (IIWGHA); 7pm Networking.

Co-hosted by:     All Nations Hope Network, International Indigenous Working Group on HIV & AIDS, Saskatchewan Indigenous Council on HIV & AIDS, Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

Location:   Ramada Plaza Regina Downtown, 1818 Victoria Avenue, Regina, SK
Time:          5:00 pm – 8:00 pm CST
Contact:     Jann Ticknor jannticknor@sasktel.net
Register:   (Space is Limited) Submit Online

Tues, December 1, 2015        
Calgary, AB

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week 2015 Launch Event

On December 1st, on World AIDS Day, the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network will launch the 2015 Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week alongside a number of key regional partners. The event places a focus on Métis peoples and Aboriginal People Living with HIV and AIDS (APHAs), embraces our historical connections and the belief that all our voices matter. The event will also acknowledge our beginnings by hearing from a panel of APHAs and will serve to remind us that APHAs are the inner guides in our response to HIV, care, treatment, support, prevention and testing.  A traditional ceremony will also acknowledge Maistoo’a Waastan (long-term survivor living with HIV) by his family and community from the PIIKANI Nation in Alberta, as a kind of coming home ceremony. The event will also feature a number of speakers and amplify the need for community readiness and culturally safe approaches.

Co-hosted by:    Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network; Shining Mountains Community Living Services; Métis Nation of Alberta Region 3; Kimamow Atoskanow Foundation; Strong Voices Program – HIV Community Links; HIV Network of Edmonton Society.

Location:   Calgary Festival Hall, 1215 10th Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Time:           10:00 am – 4:00 pm MST
Contact:      Ken Clement, kenc@caan.ca :: 604-266-7616
Merv Thomas, mervt@caan.ca :: 604-266-7616
RSVP by Nov 26, register online here 

Wed, December 2, 2015                
Montreal, QC

Aboriginal Women and Children: Protecting the Heart of Our Communities

Violence affects Aboriginal women and girls, their families and their communities, and impacts women and girls from all walks of life. One Aboriginal woman living with HIV recently called it out, and named it as “institutional violence”. The Montreal AAAW event will bring together a number of speakers, knowledge keepers, service providers and healthcare workers to share what they are doing to address these social justice issues that ultimately have an impact on the health of our communities. The event will close with a sharing circle on strengths-based community approaches to addressing HIV/AIDS in Aboriginal communities.

Co-hosted by: Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal (NWSM); Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN); Canadian HIV Women and Reproductive Health Cohort Study (CHIWOS PAW – QC); and Coalition des organismes communautaires québécois de lutte contre le sida (COCQ-SIDA)

Location:    L’Auberge St. Gabriel – 426 Rue Saint Gabriel, Montreal, QC
Time:           10:00 am – 2:00 pm EST
Registration:    Registration is FREE but spaces are limited so please contact either Monique Fong or Aurélie Hot to register before November 30, 2015.
Contact:       Monique Fong – monique@caan.ca :: Aurélie Hot –  aurelie.hot@cocqsida.com

Wed, December 2, 2015                
Winnipeg, MB

Womens’ Event #2: Honouring Our Stories, Honouring Ourselves

In honour of World AIDS Day we’re starting a Winnipeg campaign to encourage testing in our community. Join us, Ka Ni Kanichihk’s Sisters of Fire, Two Spirit Manitoba and CAAN, for a Pipe Ceremony followed by a Potluck Feast, stew and bannock in honour of World AIDS Day.

This year we will talk about testing. Testing can be scary and strange. But knowledge is strength and strength is sexy. Stigma won’t stop us from sharing our truths.

Co-hosted by: Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN); Ka Ni Kanichihk: Sisters of Fire, and Two Spirit Manitoba

Location:    WestEnd Commons Neighbourhood Resource Centre, 641 St. Mathews Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Time:          10:30 am – 1:00 pm CST
Contact:       Laverne Gervais :: lgervais@kanikanichihk.ca :: (204) 232-1935


Fri, December 4, 2015        
Halifax, NS

Two Spirit People and HIV and HCV

Two-Spirit AAAW EventJoin us for a few hours of entertainment and workshops surrounding HIV and HCV. Wabanaki Two Spirit Alliance will present their new research project, followed by presentations from Healing Our Nations. Lunch will be served.

Co-hosted by:    Wabanaki Two Spirit Alliance, Healing Our Nations, CAAN

Location:      Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre – 2158 Gottingen St, Halifax. NS
Time:             10:00 am – 2:00 pm PST AST
Contact:       Arthur Miller, adavemiller@icloud.com ::

Sat, December 5 2015    
Inuvik, NWT

Inuit Awareness Raising Event and HIV/AIDS Fair

In partnership with the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation (IRC), Pauktuutit is organizing the Inuit Awareness Raising Event and HIV/AIDS Fair. The event will open with a prayer, which will be followed by an HIV/AIDS focused awareness raising event involving: The Healthy Sexuality Bingo game, Educational stamp/scavenger hunt for adults and youth, HIV/AIDS resource table for Inuit adults and youth, Speakers, Door prizes and raffle, and Speakers’ corner photo booth. This will be followed by refreshments and an open stage for cultural performances. Together we will share stories and have fun! The event will end with closing remarks from Pauktuutit and the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation and a closing prayer.

Co-hosted by:     Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

Location:     Inuvialuit Community Corporations, 102 Mackenzie Road, Inuvik, NWT
Time:             7:00 pm – 10:00 pm MST
Contact:       Sipporah Enuaraq (Pauktuutit) senuaraq@pauktuutit.ca ::
Emily Reese (Pauktuutit) erees@pauktuutit.ca ::

Thurs, December 10, 2015        
Ottawa, ON

Youth – Parliamentary Breakfast

The public and members of Parliament are invited to the Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week breakfast session to learn more about the HIV and AIDS issues facing Aboriginal people in Canada. The breakfast will commence with opening prayers, Inuit singers, and opening remarks from Ken Clement – CAAN CEO, Marnie Davidson – ICAD Chair of Board of Directors, and an HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis (HAT) Caucus representative. Speakers will include representatives, such as, Art Zoccole – CAAN Chair, Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDS (APHA), Alternatives Cameroon, and Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada. The session will end with closing remarks from HAT Caucus, Inuit throat singers, and closing prayer.

Co-hosted by:

Location:     Parliamentary Dining Room
6th floor of Centre Block at Parliament Hill, Ottawa, ON
Time:             7:30 am – 8:45 am EST
Contact:       RSVP by Dec. 8 @ 5:00 pm EST,
Jessica Danforth JessicaD@caan.ca



What CAAN Says

About CAAN.

The Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (CAAN) is a not-for-profit coalition of individuals and organizations which provides leadership, support and advocacy for Aboriginal people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS, regardless of where they reside.